New Builds

Make Your Property Stand Out!

Stress free new builds is a way to go for anyone looking into home development. At H.M building Services we can provide just that! Whether your home is big or small, it doesn't matter what size, we can provide a home that looks great, is efficient and safe for you and your family. Our team can suggest the best course of action to take when before and when developing, by the end your new property will look great and we'll be with you throughout it all!

H.M Building Services is an established construction company yielding quality landscaping services across Newtownabbey, Belfast and the surrounding areas. Home extensions and driveway paving are also provided by HM Building Services. We also provide window replacement and build up garden fences to protect your property. H.M. Building Service all aspects of building, from building new extensions, such as sunroom etc or other new news for your house. We can also provide services in creating garden walls, develop pave driveways, make patios, flagging, and roofing. We are highly skilled tradesmen with many years experience in plastering and joinery.Belfast, Belfast Building Services, Antrim Building Services, Northern Ireland Building Services, Constructions, Harry Mercer, Contractor, landscaping, Newtownabbey, County Antrim, Roofing and Windows, Roof Repairs, Extention and Driveways, Joinery, New Builds, Bespoke New Builds, Building Services, Patio and Garden Walls, Landscapping, Plastery and Joinery, Plastering Northern Ireland, Plastering Antrim, Plastering Belfast, Plastering Lisburn, Plastering glengormley, Plastering Jordanstown, Plastering Holywood, Holywood Northern Ireland, Plastering East Belfast, Plastering Dungannon, Plastering Malone, Great Plastering, builders, Extention and Driveway Northern Ireland, Extention and Driveway Belfast, Extention and Driveway Lisburn, Extention and Driveway Glengormley, Extention and Driveway Jordanstown, Extention and Driveway Holywood, Extention and Driveway Belfast, Extention and Driveway Dungannon, Extention and Driveway Malone, Extention and Driveway Northern Ireland, Extention and Driveway East Belfast, Shankill, Patio and Garden Wall Northern Ireland, Patio and Garden Wall Belfast, Patio and Garden Wall East Belfast, Patio and Garden Wall, Patio and Garden Wall jordanstown, Patio and Garden Wall Glenglormey, Patio and Garden Wall Lisbrun, Patio and Garden Wall Holywood, Patio and Garden Wall Antrim, Patio and Garden Wall Northern Ireland, Patio and Garden Wall Malone, Landscaping Lisburn, Landscaping Belfast, Landscaping Glengormley, Landscaping Jordanstown, Landscaping Holywood, Landscaping Malone, Landscaping Antrim, Building Services Belfast, Quality Building Services, Roofing and Windows Belfast, Roofing and Windows Lisburn, Roofing and Windows Antrim, Roofing and Windows Northern Ireland, Roofing and Windows Holywood, Roofing and Windows Glengormley, Roofing and Windows Dungannon, Sturdy Fresh Walk Belfast, Garden Improvement, Patio show

Building Services

Plan, Design, Build

Services we provide are plastering, site development, planning, bricklaying, project management and design.

Bespoke New Builds

Build Your Home To Your Liking!

Whether you want your new build big or small, smart space themed, single storeyed or multiple floors you can count on H.M Builders. We will handle your project from the start to finish with efficient construction. We can tailor to your needs and we're qualified and seasoned in health and safety for yourself, your new property and for our staffs.